Featured Pet: Sasha 

sasha full low res
Colour: Black

Breed: DLH
DOB: September 2003
Sex: Spayed/Female 
Arrival Date: October 2017


Sasha is a beautiful cat with a long silky black coat, a white bib and a couple of white toes. But, unlike many other long-haired cats, she doesn’t shed! She has the daintiest little meow and is very feminine in her manner and has probably lived indoors all her life. She is very affectionate and trusting, and expresses her love without reservation. Sasha is currently living in temporary foster care with several other cats but, judging from her behavior, she would probably prefer to be the only cat in the household, although she has lived with a dog. If you’re looking for a wonderful companion, a cat to cuddle with, consider fostering Sasha. Cats placed in foster care by the society are eligible for financial assistance to cover veterinary bills as well as litter and food, as necessary. 

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Rescue kitten finds the father she never had

goldenretriever kittenIchimi the kitten was rejected by her own mother but accepted by a Golden Retriever dog who started caring for the little rescue since the day he laid eyes on her.

Ponzu, the Golden Retriever, is a very nurturing dog who has fostered little kittens and always has a soft spot for the little needy ones. After losing his previous foster kitten, he was heart broken until he found Ichimi, an orphan who was in need of some motherly love.

Ponzu uses his body heat to keep the little kitten warm and comfy. He cleans the kitten and helps the fosterer during and after feeding. He has become the father she never had.