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Why spay and neuter your cat?

The problem of cat overpopulation is a global one and requires a solution on a global scale. Did you know that in seven years, an unspayed female and unneutered male cat (and their offspring, if none are spayed or neutered) can result in the births of the staggering number of 781,250 kittens? And the inevitable outcome? Hundreds of thousands of cats being euthanized each year through no fault of their own.

Despite some owners’ fears, spaying and neutering will not alter their cat’s basic personality – except many males will be less aggressive and more docile. Their playfulness, general activity levels, excitement, and vocalization will remain the same. Although neutered males and spayed females may gain weight due to decreased roaming and other sexual behavior outdoors, keeping them active indoors and managing their weight through diet will keep this potential problem under control.

Spaying and neutering cats before the age of six months is growing in popularity. Early spaying and neutering may also prevent problem behaviors before they occur and may either eliminate or reduce certain behaviors in older cats. 




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The society is looking for a volunteer to fill this role. Duties will be to plan, organize and coordinate special events and fund-raising activities. Grant writing experience would be an asset. To apply please contact Gail.


Why do cats – love boxes?
Cats love boxes. Big cats, small cats, big boxes, small boxes…doesn’t seem to matter to the cats. A box is a box, and a box = GOOD TIMES! So what’s the big feline attraction? Cats enjoy the comfort and security of a small confined space, it’s like a little den or cave to them. Cats often like to curl up in a small confined space to sleep, and why not? Cats sleep 18 – 20 hours a day, so it makes sense that if you’re going to spend that much time sleeping, you should do it in a place where you are safe from attack. Boxes are a great place to hide from predators, but they are also a fantastic place for spying on the world around them. From inside a box, a cat can remain invisible to the world, while stalking prey…like tiny, little, furry secret agents. View more ...