November Is National Adopt A Senior Pet MonthSanta Pet Photo 2018

This month is dedicated to helping older pets find loving forever homes. Shelters and rescues across North America hope those looking to adopt a new furry friend will consider adding a senior pet to the family this month. If you care about sweet senior animals, help spread the word throughout November.

Many people walk into a shelter or scour a rescue’s website hoping to adopt a new puppy or kitten. What some people are unprepared for the amount of time it can take to housetrain a puppy or kitten. But older pets have often come to the shelter after years of living in a home, so they are already housetrained. As well, young animals need lots of patience, energy, and consistent training to help them become well-adjusted family pets.

There are many benefits to adopting or fostering an older pet. For a single person living in an apartment or condominium, a retired couple, or a household without children or other pets, an older cat can be the perfect companion.


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