RCHS closes its doors as of July 31, 2022


As you may be aware, after many years of operation, the Royal City Humane Society (RCHS) is in the process of winding up.


The RCHS was founded in December 1994 to promote public awareness of animal welfare problems and to address the issue of cat over-population. Today, there are far fewer homeless cats in New Westminster, due in no small part to the role played by RCHS. However, with the opening of New West Animal Shelter’s expanded modern facility, the need for the society has diminished and this, coupled with a lack of volunteers, prompted the board to make the difficult decision to close the society.


Historically, the RCHS has always worked in cooperation with the New Westminster Animal Services (NWAS) and so it was natural for us to turn to NWAS when thinking about what to do with the remaining assets. After much thought, the board decided that these assets should be donated to the NWAS in the form of the RCHS Legacy Fund, a fund which will provide assistance for low-cost spay and neuter as well as veterinary assistance for pets of senior and low-income residents of New Westminster. This fund will be administered by NWAS.


We would like to thank those of you who have donated to RCHS over the years for your generous support and for your love of animals. If you wish to continue to support animal welfare in New Westminster, you might consider redirecting your financial support to the New West Animal Shelter. They are a registered charity and are in a position to provide charity receipts for tax purposes.


On behalf of all the people who gave so generously of their time throughout these last 28 years to carry out the work of the Royal City Humane Society, we wish you and your pets good health.



Board of Directors
Royal City Humane Society

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