Holidays and your pets 
by Kelly Anderson

There are environmental and emotional challenges during the holiday season.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree... Tie your Christmas Tree down securely. Real Tree: change the tree water and do not let get stagnant. Prevent your pet from having access to the water as it could cause tummy troubles.

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly... Many popular Christmas plants such as Holly, Poinsettias, Amaryliis, Mistletoe and dogs), and Christmas Cactus, To be safe, opt for fake Christmas Greenery.

A tinselly, glittery time... Tinsel, garland and decorations can be hazardous to your pet. Tinsel, strings and ribbons ingested can obstruct their digestive system.

As we dream by the fire... Remember to close the fire place window/screen. Keep all electrical cords safely tucked away to prevent an unexpected and dangerous shock.

Oh, Bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer... Do not feed your furry family human food. It can be toxic (chocolate and xylitol (sweetner)), upset your pet’s delicate digestive system or dangerous (tooth picks or small bones lodged in the digestive tract. Tidy up unattended food, drinks and plates. Make sure the garbage is not able to be accessed by your pet.

Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us... This can mean your pet’s space is being invaded by people who may not be dear to them. This can be emotionally distressing to your fur child. The pet can become overwhelmed by the amount of stimulation guests coming and going can bring. Distress can be minimized by preparing your pet. Creating a safe space with hther favourite toys/clothes where visitors cannot intrude upon. Request that humans not bring their pets over if they are not known to your pets. Remember loud noises, the disruption in routine can cause your pet to experience more emotional distress.

And presents under the tree... Be careful about what items are wrapped under the tree, chocolate, human food, plants, children’s toys, small chewable items, wrapping that pets can get caught in.

Being mindful of these potential hazards can bring you a safe, relaxing, healthy and inexpensive holiday for you and your fur family


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