The importance of 
Spay and Neuter

Every year thousands of animals must be euthanized because there are no homes for them. Be a responsible pet owner! Spay and neuter your pets. The many advantages to having your cats spayed/neutered include:

  • promotes better health in both male and female cats
  • reduces the tendency in male cats to roam
  • eliminates the inconvenience of the heat cycle in female cats
  • eliminates spraying in most male cats

There are not enough good homes... Please, spay or neuter your pets. Click here to link to BCSPCA's video on the importance of spay and neuter.



With summer comes the arrival of two bothersome pests: fleas and ticks. For each flea found on your cat, there may be scores developing from unseen eggs within your own home. Besides being itchy, flea bites can cause your cat medical problems including flea-allergic dermatitis, tapeworms, hair loss due to excessive scratching, and secondary skin irritations.

A tick is a fairly common parasite known for embedding itself in the skin of pets and people alike. When bitten, the skin of some cats may become red and irritated around the site, while others may not even notice the parasite. It is imperative then, that, whether you own an outdoors or an indoors cat, you inspect yours thoroughly anytime you return from an area known for ticks.

Should you find a tick, remove it very carefully, making certain that the mouthparts are removed as well.  Kill the tick by placing it in a zip-lock bag and pouring rubbing alcohol over it. For the hesitant owner, there are special tick removal devices available, while the squeamish can have their vet remove the tick instead.

For both these pests, there are numerous products on the market including spot-on liquids, oral medications, shampoos, collars, etc. But, as always, conscientious cat owners should consult their vets about the safest and most effective product to use.

Since controlling and eliminating an existing flea or tick problem is, all too often, too little, too late, the only truly effective solution is PREVENTION.


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logo horizontal tshirt smallRCHS is pleased to make available the new RCHS logo for anyone wishing to print their own T-shirt. Lack of manpower unfortunately prohibits us from getting into the business of supplying printed T-shirts, however, for those of you who'd like to get one printed there are a number of companies that provide this service. If you're interested in obtaining the logo in electronic format, please complete the attached form and return it to RCHS along with your cheque for $5. Make sure you provide an email address as the logo is only available in electronic format.


When you move,
remember to change your pet's contact information 
listed with your vet.