Get Involved

On this page, we show a number of ways in which the Royal City Humane Society could use your help.

We are entirely run by volunteers, and every bit of help we can get is valuable.


The Royal City Humane Society is run by a valuable team of volunteers. We provide care to injured, stray and abandoned animals. There are different jobs available to choose from. Please read on to explore some of the ways you can volunteer to help animals in our community. Or, if you would like to make a donation of money or materials, check out our wish list, available at the locations below.

Alpine Animal Hospital
348 - 6th Street
New Westminster
Tel: 604-525-3400

Central City Animal Hospital
#1-7834 6th Street
Tel: 604-522-3344

8th & McBride
New Westminster
Tel: 604-524-8933


pic3Shelter shifts are normally two hours, 5 shifts per day, 7 days a week, and involve tasks such as feeding, scooping the litter boxes, grooming and playing with the cats. We do not cage our cats, but the more attention we can provide them with, the happier they will be while in our care. Shelter volunteers get an excellent opportunity to meet our cats firsthand on a regular basis.


We need volunteers to help with school programs. If you enjoy working with children, you could:

  • be involved with developing and maintaining our program;
  • assist with the presentation of our program;
  • and / or you could become a presenter yourself.

The RCHS always needs volunteers to answer telephone messages. We have an answering machine that picks up messages during the day. You would return the calls one evening a week and represent the RCHS in answering questions. If you decide that this is a job you would enjoy, we will pair you with a volunteer until you feel comfortable returning the calls by yourself.

If you're interested in volunteering, please complete the volunteer waiver and either email or mail it back to us.